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This site covers different aspects of life as it was in the days of my youth until now as we live family history day by day.

To-day's family living is to-morrow's family history.

Here is a listing of all the pages on the site to make it easy for you to find your way around.

Living Life in Australia - Then and Now
Living in the 1940s.
Lifestyle and Activities in the 1950s.
Top cars of the 1950s.
The Changing Art of Communication.
Saturday Night Dancing
Fashions of the 1940s and 50s
Simple Living 1940s Style
School Days in the 40s
The Television Revolution
Customer Service in the Past
Washing Day and Household Appliances
Wireless and Radio
A Nostalgia Trip
Celebrating Australia Day 2009.
Our Anzac Soldiers
Baby's Surprise Arrival on Cattle Property.
The Amazing Restoration taking place as water runs into Lake Eyre.
Picnic Races in the Outback - a great event.
Dinosaur Bones have been found in Western Queensland.
Our journey through outback Queensland where we had fun fossicking for opals and experiencing the thrill of recent Dinosaur discoveries.
We spend a fun day fossicking for Chalcedony

Australian Tales
A Collection of Australian Tales.
Assorted SquawkAbout Bloglets.
The Crocodile's Tale
A Dog Lost and Found
Road Rager threatens Terrified Woman with Snake
The antics of Musso the Magnificent Galah in Western Queensland

Other Pages
The original popular history of the Francis Family dating back to Henry & Ruth Francis who came as free settlers to Australia in 1832 is now available as an eBook. Go here for easy access.
An Important Day in American History
Researching Family History
Pool Conversion
Pool Conversion Revisited
Remembering Valentine's Day
Can You Make Money Blogging?
Retirement Income... Four Questions that Retirees Ask.
Global Recession ... A good way to overcome it.
Hey Diddle Diddle Was There a Fiddle
Some brief information about me and Living-Family-History
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