Retirement Income

Four Questions that Retirees Ask

Retirement Income is a subject that is on the minds of many retirees and people leaving the workforce in later life.

When you reach retirement, it's not hard to realise that, often, 'there will be month left over at the end of the money' unless you have managed to retire with a million or two. Retirement Income is a problem that worries most retirees.

A retiree's income is often barely enough to live on. Either you make do or you look for something to do. Something that will make up the difference between existing and living a comfortable retirement

It's all very well for them, the decision makers, to say we will have to work past 65; the fact of the matter is that it's difficult to keep a job past 50, and if you happen to lose your job, you will be hard pressed to find another one that suits you well.

Should we risk the little we do have by setting up our own business, when we know that most small businesses fail, should we look for part time work, or should we look for something to do from home that will bring in some retirement income?

If you are looking for retirement income or replacement income, you might be attracted to the third option, maybe after trying the first two. You will see the persistent offers that promise to show you how to make money from home. Perhaps you feel a bit wary, and rightly so.

You will see offers that promise to show you how Joe made 70k in just three weeks. The question is, is that dollars or 70 k.p.h?

If you have been through the hoop-lah of Network Marketing you will probably be more attracted to one or more of the many facets of Internet Marketing as your primary source of retirement income.

You will mainly want to know the answers to 4 serious questions :

1. Can retirees really make money from Internet Marketing?

2. What will it cost to get started?

3. How long will it take to start making money?

4. Will you need a website?

The answer to the first question is Yes. There are dozens of ways that a retiree's income can be increased on the Internet, ranging from selling things on eBay or one's own product on the Web, to earning commission for promoting other peoples' products.

It can cost very little, perhaps a few hundred dollars or less, but it may cost you a lot more if you aren't careful. There are so many tempting offers and when you start to look around ... you will deluged by tempting sales promotions. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

How long will it take? It depends where you are starting from. If you know a fair bit about the internet it might only take a few weeks, but for most people it will more likely take six to nine months, or maybe more. The important thing is, you can succeed... so do not give up.

Will you need a website? I suppose it is possible to start without a website, but most internet marketers set up at least one website or a blog to create a presence and to get their message out. Your website is your workplace. It would be very difficult without one, and there are a number of inexpensive ways to go about setting one up.

A lot of people try a few different ideas before they find the one that suits them. That is why it is important to take the time to look into propositions carefully. If you start on one plan and then find out that it doesn't suit you, you might have wasted time and money, but you will have gained in experience.

There is a lot of very valuable information freely available on the Internet. In the early stages look for all the free stuff and study it carefully. It may be just the very thing you need to start your retirement income. Do not rush (or be rushed) into the latest and greatest scheme that will show you this or that, and don't be rushed into joining a membership site that promises the world for a monthly subscription. Look into it very carefully. Consider the ability of the promoter to deliver what he promises and particularly think about what you will need to do to take advantage of the system.

Look for what is freely available before you rush into buying information. Study the promoters until you recognise the ones that are genuinely interested in helping you, as opposed to those who are only interested in helping themselves.

Here are a few sites that I feel confident to recommend, whether you are looking for retirement income, or whether you are looking for inspiration to get started in another direction. Check out the websites for yourself and see if what they can give you is what you are looking for.

Site Build It

Site Build It is the complete step by step information packed system that will help you to choose your market and show you exactly how to set up your website to meet your market. It will show you how to control and develop your site and how to make money from your site.

Site Build It (SBI) is with you every step of the way with detailed information. It places at your fingertips, all the systems that you need to help you to achieve success. It is a very comprehensive program and covers everything you will need to know, and then some.

SBI is not free, but it gives tremendous value.

Jennifer the Pot Pie Girl

Jennifer the Pot Pie Girl is one of the people who gives excellent information and money making techniques in a straight forward and easy to follow way.

The Bum Marketing Method

The Bum Marketing Method OK, these are sites I feel confident about recommending as they have all given me valuable advice and information. There are several more that I would be happy to share with you too, but I don't want to go on and on.

If you are considering ways to make retirement income, or looking for full time earnings, check these sites out and let me know your thoughts. If you would like more low cost, reliable sources of Internet Marketing information I would be happy to oblige and to help in any way I can.

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