Record Floods in Western Queensland, 2010

These record floods are a mixed blessing in western Queensland, where long droughts are more the norm.

While floods cause a lot of property damage, and sometimes loss of life, the widespread floods in western Queensland fill the dams and watercourses and replenish the underground water which is essential to supply the needs of whole communities as well as farms and grazing properties in times of drought.

The flood water will slowly make it's way from Queensland into the river systems of New South Wales, and eventually find it's way to the sea at the mouth of the Murray River in South Australia.

Meanwhile the towns of Charleville, Roma, Cunnamulla and St.George are starting to clean up, while Dirranbandi and other small towns close to the border are preparing for the flood water to arrive.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh says the cost of the flood damage in the state's southern inland could run into hundreds of millions of dollars.

Ms Bligh has toured flood-affected areas in and around St George, which is preparing for a massive clean-up after the town's biggest flood in more than a century.

The flooded Balonne River is set to remain high for several days, although authorities say the threat to St George has passed.

About 25 homes in St George were flooded when the river peaked around 13.5 metres late yesterday.

There were fears up to 80 per cent of the town would have been swamped if flood waters had reached the predicted 14 metres.

Ms Bligh visited some of the flooded houses and says the damage to roads and infrastructure across southern Queensland is immense.

Here are two short videos that help to tell the story.

The Big Flood of 2010

Jenny Woodward ... Qld Floods

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