Pool to Pond Conversion

We Revisit our Pool to Pond Conversion

Our Pool to Pond Project is just over a year old, so it is high time to review the project for the benefit of those who have visited our website and commented on our swimming pool to pond conversion. Bulrushes in Pool I know there were some who thought we were mad for taking on such a project, especially when the water nearly all leaked out a year ago. That nearly was a disaster, but the rain came eventually, and the pool filled up again, much to the delight of our growing school of fish and the other creatures that have decided to make our swimming pool to pond conversion their home.

First came the dragonflies, red, green and blue ones, darting and hovering over the water, or resting, like little old fashioned bi-planes, on the bullrushes or water irises. Next a family of sleek, gold striped skinks moved in, attracted by the increase in insect life around the pool. These shiny lizards have increased the size of their family since coming to our place, and the food supply must be good, as they have all grown considerably in recent months.

Fish in Pool

The seven or eight little fish we started with a year ago, red, grey, and orange platies, and black mollies, have multiplied incredibly. It seems no time since we were able to count our little school, now we would have no hope, as they now number in the hundreds. They are now so plentiful that we approached our local aquarium shop to see if they would like to buy some. They breed their own, but some of our neighbours have taken a few for their own fish tanks or ponds.

Apart from the fish, the most numerous group of creatures that have made our pond their home are the dainty little sedge frogs, sometimes called dwarf tree frogs. Two Little Sedge Frogs They have a high pitched chirp, rather like crickets, and they show their pleasure at being here by chirping all night at the top of their lungs. At first we noticed one or two, then a dozen or more as the word spread around the neighbourhood about our new pond. They must like the place as they decided to increase their families here, and day by day, more and more tiny little emerald green, or gold toned, finger tip sized froglets, could be seen sunning themselves on our lily pads.

Tadpole to Frog

One evening there was a storm, with heavy rain, thunder and lightning. The sedgies took that as some kind of a signal, as there were little green frogs leaping in all directions. Most seem to have found their way into other parts of the garden, where they shelter during the day. However, they return to the pond each night for choir practice.

The other significant family group that has taken up residence is a small collection of rocket frogs. They are small brown striped frogs that are seldom seen and are very quick to leap away and hide if you go near. However we know they are in residence because their single (loud) call sounds much like a tennis ball being belted across the court.. They sound like they are having a game of doubles every night. It's like having the Hopman Cup, or a ping pong tournament, being played just outside our bedroom window!! Blue Lily Finally there are the lilies, blue and pink ones. The five we started with have more than trebled and most days we have six to nine beautiful lily blooms in our pond, as well as charming and unusual flowers on some of the other water plants.

Pink Lily

All things considered, we vote our pool to pond conversion a great success. We enjoy breakfast or morning tea beside the pond nearly every day, and we never tire of observing the little communities that live in and around our pond. It is far more interesting than our old pool ever was.

The fish are so colourful and lively that we now also have some in a small aquarium so that we can see them more closely.

If you live in Brisbane and are thinking of a pool to pond conversion, you are welcome to come and have a look at our lily pond. Don't forget to bring a bucket or two if you would like to buy some fish or plants.

We Thought We Had a Lot of Frogs Last Year

Our Lily Pond is starting to come alive again after the semi-dormant winter months. The living eco-system that we have created by the conversion of our seldom used swimming pool never ceases to amaze.

We were excited by the arrival of our first few little sedge frogs and never imagined that the number would grow to over 500 in a couple of years. We wonder now just how many of them will survive for another season!.... and how we will cope with the noise at night!!

Baby Sedge Frogs

Visit our Amazon Pool to Pond Accessories Store or, if you live in Brisbane, we may be able to help you with pond plants and lilies. Just contact us and we'll help if we can.

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