Battle City Breakdance Invades

Queensland Music Festival

Music lovers rubbed shoulders with b-boys and b-girls at Battle City, when Breakdance Crews skirmished for supremacy under the Turbot Street Overpass, just meters from City Hall, last Friday night, 24 July 2009. It was all part of the Queensland Music Festival, which is described as a biennial festival of music excellence.

Battle City, the street dance skirmish, is in it's eighth year, and this year about twelve crews, some put together on the night, battled for street dance supremacy, supported by the turntable skills of DJ Bacon and crowd-pleasing MC's, Liones, Que and Dizzy.

Our attendance was to follow the enthusiastic participation of our grandson, Andy and three of his friends, who formed their crew a couple of months ago, gave themselves b-boy names, Blaze, Trig, Sane and Graphite. They called their Crew, 'eXtension' and set to work to hone their skills and practice some techniques. The boys were all aged 10 to 12, but they took it up to their senior adversaries with surprising skill and enthusiasm and were well received by the crowd, who responded to the David and Goliath comparison of the skirmishing crews.

The 'eXtension' crew's round one adversaries were last year's champions, 'Skill @ Will', but the fearless b-boys were not overawed and put forward a crowd-pleasing performance. However the superior skill and experience of 'Skill @ Will' won the round and 'eXtension' was eliminated.

The boys joined their parents in the audience to relax with hot chips and soft drink while enjoying the end of round one of the battle, and other intervening acts of breakdance skill and entertainment, including the amazing vocal gymnastics of Dr. Rhythm and an excellently co-ordinated crew of Hip-Hop Dancers.

One of the 'eXtension' crew was on his way home with his parents when an announcement called 'Extension' back as a wild card for round two of the battle. They quickly returned and the boys got ready for another skirmish.

This time their adversaries were 'LVL11', another top crew who put up a great show of superiority. The 'eXtension' crew again put up a good performance, although somewhat less enthusiastic than their effort in round one, and they were eliminated by the 'LVL11' crew, who went on to become the Battle City Champions for 2009.

The young 'eXtension' crew were not discouraged by their defeat and gained tremendous knowledge and experience by having participated in the Battle City competition. The boys are trained by Industrie1 Dance Studio.

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