The Global Recession is Upon Us

How We Found a Way to Beat the Global Recession

The threat of the Global Recession seemed a long way off, twelve months ago, when we were just at the start of our 3 month holiday in Britain. A year ago we were in Norfolk as a matter of fact, staying at Caister-on-Sea. How this last year has flown.

One thing that has given us an immense amount of pleasure is the blog we made of our travels on Tracing Suffolk Roots. We have referred back to it many times.

Retirement has allowed us to try out a number of time consuming and entertaining interests, mostly centred on our computers, such as developing our websites and engaging in Internet Marketing.

We thought that Internet Marketing might be a good way to replenish our dwindling finances in these dark days of recession. After all, a lot of unlikely characters are reported to be making fortunes on-line. Whereas there is certainly good money to be made on the Internet, I have come to the conclusion that the people who are making the Big Money are the ones who are making it by telling other people how to make money on-line. Never-the-less, we have been having a lot of fun finding out about things we knew nothing of before.

The so called Global Recession, a bit like the Swine Flu, doesn't seem to be as bad as most people expected. However, some people have been very badly effected. An old friend of mine, a retired airline pilot, now a self-funded retiree, is presently working long hours as a traffic controller on a road building site. Things are tough for some and there is precious little sign of recovery soon.

Self funded retirees seem to have suffered worse than most in the recession, and, since they are out of the workforce, they do not get the training and assistance that is given to people who have lost their jobs through the down-turn.

There are any number of websites promoting how to make money in the Global Recession, Internet Marketing, Multi Level Marketing and so on.

We can't get away from MLM.

You've just got to be strong to avoid MLM schemes. Everybody with a skerrick of entrepreneurial spirit has been in MLM at least twice, and we're no exception. But you've got to be strong and know when to say never again.

I must admit we had a lot of fun and met some great people. We met some of our best friends through MLM, and we are still buying products, that we just can't do without, from two of our old MLM companies, but we never made any real money. We were flat out making enough to pay for the product we were buying for ourselves.

So, although we were keeping an eye open for something to help us over the global recession, we were not looking at MLM. The time comes when you have to say, that's it, enough is enough. We always said you've got to get in at the beginning of an MLM plan, or be very lucky, to make any real money at MLM.

You just have to make up your mind to be strong about it. It's not hard to say no to a stranger, but you have to be a bit diplomatic if it's a close friend or good neighbour who wants you to see their great MLM scheme. For instance, just three weeks ago, our good neighbour, Ruth, invited us to see the new one she had just joined.

Now Ruth is a very good neighbour. We look after each others gardens if one or the other is away, and she makes great marmalade and jams and always gives us some. We did not want to offend her, so Jane went with her to see what it was all about, while I made my excuses.

Now when Jane came home I expected her to say it was the same old thing, but she said it was a great presentation, the company was just getting started, and the energy drink products looked very good.

My alarm bells started to ring, she was half talked into it and I had to nip it in the bud right away. I pointed out that we had said never again, that we had never made much money in MLM, and we weren't going to get involved again now. So she told Ruth thanks, but no thanks, and I heaved a great sigh of relief and things got back to normal straight away.

That was until, earlier this week, Ruth rang up and asked Jane if she would show her how to do internet banking as she had received her first commission cheque for over $US500. I said "How much?" "She's only been in it three weeks. Has Ruth found the way to beat the Global Recession? Maybe we should have a good look at this thing."

Now, I think you can see where this is going, but I should tell you that we have been trying to get something started with Internet Marketing to combat the global recession for six months. We haven't made enough to buy a packet of peanuts, in spite of listening to all the gurus who make their money by telling other people how to make their money on the Internet.

We had always enjoyed being in MLM, meeting new people and making friends with people who had similar interests and common goals. MLM is really a social business, very stimulating and enjoyable. When we went to the meeting with Ruth and saw the plan, which, as Jane said, is very impressive, and I might add, do-able, and met the people involved, we were hooked.

There were so many smart young athletic looking guys and gals singing the praises of the new, healthy and natural, energy drinks that we could not help but be convinced.

I know I said never again, but we also said, many times in the past, if only we had been able to get in at the beginning of a great new MLM product launch, what a difference that would make!

So here we go again, but this time we are at the beginning of a great new product launch, with new friends to meet and new places to go. One thing is for sure. You can't sit around waiting for things to get better in this Global Recession. The good times might be a long way off.

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