Living Family History, Comparing Past and Present Generations.

Each one of us is living family history day by day.

To-day's family living is to-morrow's family history.

On this site we look at the Twentieth Century, the clothes we wore, the cars we drove and the fun we had. We will also look at our world as it is now in comparison.

Do you know that some of the commonplace things we used every day in 1950 are highly prized collector's items these days?

We will look at the 1940's and the 1950's and Living Family History will also look at today's lifestyle and some of the changes that influence us - for better or for worse.

Can you remember the 1940's when it always rained on the first day of school, when we all walked to school, rain or no rain, when we used to wind up the old H.M.V. Gramophone and play Spike Jones records at 78 r.p.m. Where is that old gramophone now?

Or what about the 1950's when we used to sit around the wireless listening to "Take it from Here" with Joy, Dick and Jimmy, or the "Goon Show" on Sunday night. Wouldn't miss it for quids!

Remember the Good Old Days when pies were sixpence or a glass of beer was a shilling? Don't even mention the price of cars and houses! Do you remember when everybody had a Lunch Hour and a Morning Tea Break, and the shops all closed at 5 o'clock?

Remember when we had the time of our lives at the School Fancy Dress Ball, and when teenagers actually danced together and talked to each other as they danced at the Saturday Night Hop?

What ever became of Telegram Boys, Office Boys and Typewriter Mechanics, or the girls in the typing pool. There's a whole generation out there now, that would guess, if asked, that a Golf Ball Typewriter was used to put the little brands and numbers on golf balls!

This is Living Family History. We will be looking at earlier times while they are still in living memory. Personal memories will reveal how things used to be, the good and the bad, and how we are now.

If you can remember the good old days, or would like to know how things used to be, then this site is for you, so have fun and enjoy your trip down memory lane.

Perhaps you would like to share some of the memories of your living family history with us?

You can visit the 1940's and the 1950's and you can also catch up on ideas and information at Geoff's Blog

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